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In a world increasingly muddled by chaotic cultural and world affairs, conflicting messages and questionable voices and agendas, fisher&logos has arrived to help us all elevate the conversation, content, character, and perspective. 

We leverage the Biblical Judeo-Christian worldview to create effective B2C marketing communications, as well as professional development initiatives for business, church and ministry leaders.  We help you, your staff and your consumers to both live and work on mission – the Judeo-Christian mission – because there should be no boundaries between work, the product, the consumer, and God’s influence.

At fisher&logos, we are highly experienced marketing professionals who know corporate America well, because it’s where we come from, and we know how to do church, because it’s what we heavily invest in.  We practice what we preach from Genesis to Revelation, incorporating The Word of God into our personal and professional lives, because The Word is our first love, and we take the call of The Great Commission seriously.  Our obsession is sharing the Gospel and leveraging the principles of marketing and PR to convey its life-transforming truths to the masses in a manner that is down-to-earth and practical, yet inspiring and authentic.  Too often, businesses and ministries of all sizes have a hard time blending The Word into their marketing and communications efforts in a way that resonates and stirs the soul beyond a weekly church service.  Here’s where we come in to help you.
Specialized Services:
Choices for Soaring

If the following menu of specialized services – designed to edify the marketplace, your team and you – meets your vision and needs, contact us to schedule your free consultation today.  The time to live and work on mission is now.

1. Inspiring the Team | Creating A Gospel-Driven Culture That Produces Success

Business and ministry have significant roles to play in helping to grow God’s Kingdom, and working at building the Kingdom plays an essential role in helping your organization to come alive and thrive.  We assist you to create an internal Gospel-driven culture that is passionate about carrying out its mission, so that you all can maximize your talents, gifts and potential.

If your organization’s in need of a mission and vision statement that are Gospel centered, and/or your processes, organizational structure, culture, philosophies, and ways of working together as a team need to be revamped and aligned with Scriptural aims and instructions, we help you achieve that.  We work with you to identify and assess how and why you’re missing the mark.  Then, we engineer a customized plan that jibes with your business plan to get you and your team mobilized and airborne, so that being spiritually minded, as Paul describes in Romans 8, is what rules the day and inspires your motivations -- at the office, church and beyond.

This service galvanizes you and your staff, transforming your work culture's mindset, as fisher&logos roots you in the holy Scriptures and helps you identify yourselves in it and the divine destiny that you as a team were created to fulfill on the job, leveraging the tools of your products, messaging and services to edify and enhance the marketplace.

Acquiring the right understanding of your positioning in Christ and the vision for your future as employees and staff living and working on a global mission for Kingdom-building is an essential factor for successfully fulfilling your organization’s purpose and aspirations, in the short and long term.

Being spiritually minded, concerned and connected to God’s goals and actions on a daily basis, and realizing how your daily activity ties into that, makes all the difference when it comes to attaining dauntless determination, heartfelt drive and a joyful realization of fulfillment in being part of a greater work at-hand that brings people to life.  This should be our daily reality as Believers at work, in the boardroom, in the congregation, in the field, through the shopping aisles, online, and everywhere.
2. Inspiring Consumers | Fulfilling Your Calling to Bless the Marketplace

Are you a corporation, small business, Christian church or ministry hungry to fulfill your faith’s calling to be the salt of the earth?  Is the notion of being just another cog in the machine of doing what's popular for the sake of revenue generation making you nauseous?  If so, we are ready to help you pivot by providing the Marketing Communications, Public Relations and Crisis Management services you need to effectively reach your consumers and help them grow spiritually.

We will assist you to infuse your messaging, customer service and product-and-service development with Gospel goals, insights, truths, and principles that strategically guide and enlighten your audience.  We do so in a highly creative, yet strategic manner that’s seamless in complementing your brand, while enhancing it and making your product story richer through the infusion of the Gospel message in all of your communications.

It’s crucial for the Christian consumer to gain greater Biblical understanding.  You have the influence and reach to help inspire, educate and empower them, so they can come to know who God truly is, that He loves them and has a purpose for their lives according to His own words found in the Judeo-Christian Bible.

Consumers love products and organizations that are passionate, on fire and functioning on maximum octane for a purpose far greater than themselves; and they are eager to be a part of the cause and its impact -- both to themselves and others in the world around them.  Why?  Because it is the most abundant life that can be lived – one in which you’re actively engaged in your own redemption and that of others.  There is no higher form of being social.  Jesus calls us to action, not passivity, and when we engage, it is game on!  Welcome to the greatest adventure on earth, that of taking hold of the active hand of the CEO of Creation, in partnership, as He influences the world and includes your participation in it.  Whoa!

Be Leaders:
Who Light Up the World for Christ

It’s our hope that you’ll choose to undertake this exciting adventure that’s incredibly rewarding and even life-changing. 

You’ll make your product one worth believing in – along with your services, corporate identity and organization’s mission, vision and messaging. 

Let fisher&logos help you and your consumers discover more of who we all truly are in the One who gave His all for us, particularly at a time when too much of the culture conflicts with the moral values and standards of God -- values and standards designed to rescue us from self-destruction and that are steeped in His love, which so many are yearning for deep inside and they don't even realize it.
C'mon, Let's Go, Christian!  Let's Goooo!