Imagine having your very own team of coaches, senior advisors, strategists, and personal assistants to help you overcome  challenges -- small, medium and large -- and to achieve goals.  Imagine this group shares a passion for problem-solving and helping others, and for living and promoting the Judeo-Christian way of life.  Now, imagine this team is ready and waiting to assist you in surmounting obstacles, finding solutions and maximizing your full potential.  Fortunately, you don't have to dream.

At fisher&logos, we are passionate problem-solving engineers, bold enough and smart enough to wrestle practically any challenge into submission for the sake of winning clarity, peace-of-mind and confidence for our clients.  In our circles, mind over matter is a living reality.  Let us help you make life a little easier and a little better, so that you and your loved ones can focus on what's really important -- fulfilling your calling -- no matter what the circumstances.

Here are some ways that we help clients and how we can help you:

  • Strategically organizing your home or office

  • Helping you overcome a layoff to get back into the work force
  • Helping your kids understand how to master the SAT/ACT college entrance exams and boosting their confidence

  • Providing a walking buddy or sit-down companion for tea, to chat or study with an elderly loved one

  • Acquiring the perfect gift for someone infinitely special

  • Figuring out how to pinpoint your passion to start a new career

  • Helping you to get organized and prepared for a long trip, career change, new addition to the family, or change of lifestyle

  • Finding the best way to create understanding amongst loved ones to bring them closer together

  • Helping you navigate the medical system during a health challenge

  • Filling your heart with courage to face any situation

fisher&logos employs the kind of creative thinking that yields results and finds an effective way where others only see a burden or insurmountable difficulty.  Let fisher&logos guide and lead you to real solutions brought about with the utmost consideration and care and the powerful truths of The Word of God.  Your best interest is our priority, so you can live and serve on mission! 

Contact us today to discuss the type of challenge you’re facing and customized premium services.

We navigate the stuff of life with you, so you don't have to go it alone. 

We’re here to help, so you can win.
Services & Expertise Include:  Building self-confidence & courage | Companionship for an older loved one | Finding & growing faith | Finding & sustaining hope | Improving one-on-one communication | Improving your perspective about any situation | Inspirational Christian writing | Overhauling life routines to handle a family transition or crisis | Scriptural study & inspiration | Seeing the forest from the trees | Test prep | Transitioning a lifestyle to improve one's health, well-being and strengthen faith | *Also: Accounting, Automobile Building, Automotive Sales & Repair, Career Counseling, Carpentry, College Planning, Computer Sales & Repair, Criminal Law, Exercise, Health, Home & Office Organization, Long-Term Care Insurance, Media Relations, Nutrition & Diet, Probate Law, Structural Engineering, Videography, Wealth Management, Writing.