A Unique Team,
On A Unique Mission

The professionals on our staff have successfully directed the marketing communications efforts of pro sports teams in the NFL, NBA and WNBA; managed national campaigns for Burger King Corporation and its tie-in partners including Disney, Warner Bros., and Nintendo; and won awards for helping companies like Southwest Airlines, Macy’s and The Princeton Review to achieve their strategic business-plan goals. 

Now, we're putting our experience from corporate America to work for you, in honor of the highest cause there is.

Experts in various fields including marketing, entrepreneurship, public relations, and education, we have a passion for creative problem solving and strategic planning.  And, one more thing...

We are immensely inspired and driven by the Gospel of the Judeo-Christian Bible, and we are bent on showing you how it can encourage and stimulate you, while transforming circumstances and the lives of those you impact. 

This is a unique team on a very distinct mission.  

We seek to help other Believers thrive in a very practical way in the midst of their personal lives and to help those in the marketplace, be it in business or ministry, to excel at both living and working on mission, because nothing is more empowering, potent, fulfilling, or essential.  Being mission-driven is paramount to us, because the desire is afire within us to such an extent that we cannot ignore it.  We have learned first-hand that this way of life is a game changer.  And, frankly, the culture has changed -- will continue to -- and the time is now for authenticity.  The time is now to step-up to a new level of faithfulness and to engage in The Great Commission in the most creative ways possible, because true hope, light that illuminates darkness and a winning vision are sorely needed in the world right now. 

We aim to be facilitators in support of you and the fulfillment of your own calling through three primary services:

1. Personal Services for Individuals - We help you tackle the challenges of daily life providing Senior Advisors, Personal Assistants, Strategists, and Coaches to assist you in overcoming practically any challenge, so that you can be free to fulfill the purpose and mission for which God created you.  No joke.  We could all use a little help sometimes.

2. Inspiring the Team -  Team Galvanization for Businesses & Ministries - We assist you to create an internal Gospel-driven culture that is passionate about carrying out its mission, so that you all can maximize your God-given talents, gifts and potential.  We help you to find and realize transcendant meaning in your daily work that is anchored in Biblical principles.

3. Inspiring Consumers - Blessing the Marketplace for Businesses & Ministries - We help you tear down the divisions between the product, the consumer and God, because His call is for us to recognize, honor and incorporate Him into every aspect of life.  Is your company, organization, church, or ministry truly serving as the salt of the earth in your community and the world around you, or is that "activity" reserved for your personal time, only church on weekends or just when people approach you about God?  Or, are you leveraging every opportunity to share the liberating, life-giving truths that He freely shares with us in Scriptures?  We assist you to take honest inventory and pivot, because your purpose should be about a whole lot more than revenue generation, counting heads and maintaining the comfortable status quo.  It's time to come alive and thrive!
God is Calling - Let's Go!
"There is a desire in each of us that God calls us to achieve.  We exist to clear a path for you to experience that victory.  We are fisher&logos, ready and waiting to be your encouragers, guides and problem-solving engineers in business, ministry and life.  Welcome.  Tell us, how can we help you?"
                                    -Doris V. Howe
                                                    Founder & President